Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.36.21 PM1 Alteril Reviews Alteril helps men and women wanting to improve their sleep ……… by regulating circadian sleep patterns and inducing alpha brain waves…..helping you to get to sleep faster and staying asleep for longer……….resulting in you waking up refreashed, energized and alert in the morning ……..even if you normally can’t get to sleep, stay  asleep or just wake up still feeling groggy.

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Are your sleep patterns hindering your performance and enjoyment in life?

Do you have struggle to get to sleep or to remain asleep throughout the night?

Do you want to have deep, long and restorative sleep throughout the night?
 If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are not alone as it is reported that unto 45 million people in the United states are affected be some sort of sleep disorder. It is important you read this full review because it contains all the information that is critical to know before you order Alteril.

What is Alteril About?

Alteril is a natural alternative to many of the other sleeping medications produced by pharmaceutical companies. Alteril is a much needed addition to the sleeping aid market because it provides a real solution with the benefit of no side effects, which is the main complaint with the pharmaceutical type medications. Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.40.43 PM Alteril Reviews

Alteril is a 100% natural sleeping aid that promises to improve your sleep, helping you get to sleep when you need to and leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. Alteril is manufactured by an American company named Biotab Nutraceuticals, which blends together many proven herbal remedies for sleep problems into a unique sleeping supplement. The four major herbal sleep enchancers contain within Alteril are L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine and Melatonin.

How does Alteril Work?

Alteril is a three step sleeping aid system that consists of:

1)  Take 2 of the nighttime capsules (take only one if you are getting good results) about an hour before you want to get to sleep. 

Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.39.58 PM Alteril Reviews The night time capsule contains the 4 best known natural sleep induces (L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, Melatonin, Valerian) which quickly leads you to feel the desire for sleep. This is also enhanced by the added herbal ingredients contained within Alteril which reduces nervous tension and anxiety leading you to a state of relaxation. The special formulation of Alteril also regulates your circadian sleep cycle and lengthens the amount of time you spend in restorative sleep.


2) Drink the “Deep Relaxation Tea.” Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.40.05 PM Alteril Reviews

The Deep Relaxation Tea is caffeine free that includes more proven sleep inducing herbal ingredients such as spearmint, Lavender and Linden. This blend of tea heightens your state of relaxation, a pre-requisite for sleep.

3) Play the Binaural Beat CD in the background once you have settled into bed. 

Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.40.12 PM Alteril Reviews The CD can be played on speakers in the background, or for the best results on headphones. The binaural beats contained on the CD draw your brain wave patterns to those associated with deep meditation and sleep. This helps you to remain in deep sleep throughout the night so when you wake up you are refreshed and ready to go for the day.

Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.59.09 PM Alteril Reviews


Research Results For the ingredients In Alteril

L – Tryptophan 

Psychopharmacology for the Clinician
Journal of Psychiatry Neuroscience, 2010 March; 35(2):144

“A trial of l-tryptophan, starting at a dose of 1 g in the evening was begun in June 2007, and within 3 weeks, the subject began to report an improvement in her ability to get to sleep and wake on time in the morning.”


 Use of Melatonin for Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disorders 
Annals of Medicine. 1998 Feb; 30(1):115-21

“Melatonin appears to promote sleep by producing corrective circadian phase shifts, thereby improving the alignment of the endogenous sleep propensity rhythm with the desired sleep schedule. Melatonin may also have a direct soporific effect, especially when administered during the day.”

 L – Theanine

Nutrients and Botanicals for Treatment of Stress: Adrenal Fatigue, Neurotransmitter Imbalance, Anxiety, and Restless Sleep
Alternative Medicine Review, 2009; 14(2): 114-140

“L-theanine is an amino acid extracted from green or black tea. A cup of black tea contains approximately 20 mg theanine. In the brain L-theanine increases dopamine, serotonin, and the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine. Green tea is often used as a relaxing beverage. Although it can contain more caffeine than coffee, theanine appears to counteract its stimulant effect to some degree. When given by itself in a smaller dose (20-40% of the original dose), theanine administration resulted in excitatory effects, suggesting a dual activity of theanine depending on the dose. Studies show L-theanine induces alpha-brain wave activity, which correlates with a perceived state of relaxation.”

Alteril User Testimonials

Although the official website has many positive testimonials for Alteril, here is some more Alteril customer feedback.

“….aFor me, this product has been a dream (HA!). I used to not be able to get to sleep before 5:30 AM sometimes, and had to take odd naps at strange hours, and woke up off and on. I began to feel very unbalanced. I bought this product and now sleep very peacefully ALL NIGHT and wake up totally fine! I embrace the day, the exact opposite of before. I go to sleep at roughly 1 AM now.”

Damon – Amazon

“I not only fall asleep quickly, but do not wake up during the night. When I wake up, I don’t feel groggy or hungover, like I thought I would. By the way, I rarely write reviews, but I saw a few negative reviews on amazon and thought I’d share mine. I don’t know if it works for everyone, but it’s pretty cheap here so it’s worth a shot.”
Murphy – Amazon

Alteril benefits

  • • Higher quantities of L-Tryptophan than other products
  • • Induces sleepiness quickly
  • • Natural Ingredients
  • • Longer sleeping cycles
  • • NO known side effects
  • • Waking up feeling refreshed
  • • Immediate results

What if Alteril doesn’t work for you?

Like all products in the health industry there are times when the product simply doesn’t do what it has claimed. This is often not due to the fact the product is a scam but because there are other underlying health issues that interfere with what the drugs are suppose to do. It is advised to check with a doctor first if you have any health concerns. Please not: Do Not Take Alteril if you are on any anti-depressant medication.

Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 5.49.55 PM Alteril Reviews Alteril is no different….however Alteril is so confident of its product they are willing to offer you a 67 money-back guarantee (read policy details on official website). The best thing about their guarantee is that unlike others in the industry your guarantee is still valid if you try the supplement. So if you are in the minority that fails to get expected results then simply send your empty packet back and claim your refund.


Where to buy Alteril

There are other places such as Amazon to buy Alteril, but the most recommended place to buy Alteril is from the official website.  This is because you only are eligible for the money back guarantee if purchase Alteril from the official site and it is the only place that offers great package deals.  Alteril delievers internationally

Final Verdict.

Screen Shot 2012 05 15 at 6.06.27 PM Alteril Reviews Based the research, clinical studies and user testimonials, Alteril are recommended for men and women who want a good nights sleep and to wake up refreshed in the morning. Alteril is a safe product to use, containing an all-natural, doctor approved formula. International shipping, proven results and no known side effects makes Alteril the ideal remedy for sleep problems. Alteril is an easy to use product that consists of a three step process. This includes taking 2 tablets, drinking a relaxing herbal tea and listening to the Alteril CD.  Along with offering great package discounts Alteril also offers a generous money back guarantee.