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Procerin Reviews – does it really work?

Procerin Procerin Reviews   does it really work?Hair loss can be a major issue for men. Currently, on the market today, there are plenty of products that claim to help with hair loss, stop it, or even in some cases reverse it! The issue is, with so much hype and information on the Internet we struggle to find the answer to the one question we do have – Does it work?

If you are tired of losing hair and even more tired of looking around the Internet for the right solution, then you are in the right place. In this review we look at Procerin and we recommend you read this before you go ahead and buy anything! There is some very important information in this review such as what Procerin is, who it is for and the advantages and disadvantages of Procerin!

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Prorestora Reviews – should you buy it?

 Prorestora Reviews   should you buy it?Hair loss is a common issue among men and it can often cause fear and embarrassment when balding sets in. The good news is, many types of hair loss are treatable. Here we review Prorestora and we let you know whether or not it will help you with your hair loss.

What is Prorestora?

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Best Vitamins for Hair Growth in Men

Hair Loss Treatments for Men Best Vitamins for Hair Growth in MenMany men want to grow their hair quickly and there are a few hair growth tips that you can follow – consuming vitamin being one of the most effective way to improve your hair growth rate.

Vitamins are good for solving your hair loss problem and it is recommended that you consume vitamins every single day. Vitamins which can be found in healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. They can also be found in some supplements that are sold in the health store.

Here are 3 recommended vitamins for hair growth in men.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is helpful for all men who want to grow their hair quickly because it is a natural ingredient that can stimulate the production of sebum in your hair. Sebum is a very useful way to improve the growth of hair follicles. Also Vitamin A is an important ingredient that can stimulate the growth of the hair root.

Vitamin A can be found in some of the following food products:

  • fish liver oil
  • eggs
  • broccoli
  • carrot
  • spinach
  • cabbage
  • milk
  • peaches

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be used to cure people who have acute hair loss problems and can also reduce the possibility of getting hair loss in the first instance. It is recommended because it can improve hair strength and make your hair follicles grow properly.  Vitamin C is one of the water soluble vitamins with excessive vitamin C being excreted through your urine.

Vitamin C is available in many fruits and vegetables, such as:

  • oranges
  • lemons
  • strawberries
  • kiwi
  • cantaloupe
  • tomatoes
  • pineapples
  • cabbage

3. Vitamin E

This is another important vitamin for hair growth. There are many people who consume this vitamin regularly. Vitamin E is very useful to improve the blood circulation around your scalp and therefore, it can stimulate your hair growth effectively. Good blood circulation is an important aspect in producing healthy hair follicles and hair roots. This vitamin is considered as one of the best vitamins for hair growth in men.

You can find this vitamin in many food products, such as:

  • soybeans
  • wheat germ oils
  • fish oil
  • seeds
  • green vegetables
  • dried nuts
  • eggs

These 3 vitamins are recommended to stimulate hair growth in men.If you do not have access to the healthy foods outline above then, you should consume a quality vitamin supplements.

However, you have to make sure that you consume supplements that are made from 100% natural ingredients since these products do not have any negative side effects on your body.

If you want to grow your hair quickly and effectively, you may want to consume enough vitamins every single day. Do not forget to drink enough water to make sure that your body can absorb these vitamins properly.

 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth in MenAlternatively there are many products available on the market today that can effectively deal with hair loss.

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Hair Loss in Men Treatments

hair loss treatments for men 300x240 Hair Loss in Men TreatmentsMany men fear the day when their hair starts falling out, and will most likely look for a hair loss in men treatment solution to help prevent this from happening to them.

What exactly causes this problem? Could it be your diet or maybe the way you wash your hair? Some reports showed that certain shampoos might even contribute to men losing their hair due to the ingredients it contains. There are countless reasons why men more so than women are experiencing hair loss.

Recent findings have proven ways to remedy hair loss using powerful natural hair solutions as a way of treating the problem.
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What causes hair loss

 What causes hair lossHair is made of a certain type of protein known as keratin. Hair consists of the root (found below the skin), the follicle (where the hair starts growing from) and a hair shaft, which is the part of the hair that we can see. A normal human being may lose about 50-100 scalp-hairs each day. However, the hair lost will be replaced – they immediately start growing back in the follicle that the hair fell out from. This kind of hair loss is absolutely normal and there should be no cause for any worries.

However, losing more than the amount of hair mentioned above may be considered abnormal and in such cases something should be investigated further. Read the rest of this entry…

Foods that prevent hair loss – 7 essential nutrients

 Foods that prevent hair loss   7 essential nutrients

Hair loss starts in the twenties in as much as 20 percent of the men, according to Alan Bauman, MD, a certified hair-restoration physician. Genetics does exert a great deal of influence, but it is possible for you control it to some extent by changing your dietary habits.

You need to feed your hair with the right kind of nutrients for it to grow and remain healthy as is the case with other parts of your body. According to Rania Batayneh who authored the book The One One One Diet, the nutrients are absorbed by essential tissues (organs and muscles) before they reach your hair. It is therefore important that you should eat a variety of nutrients in sufficient quantities to ensure the health of your hair.

Here a few nutrient-packed foods that you must include in your diet for hair health:

 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This essential nutrient is required for the wellbeing of your whole body. It nourishes the hair shaft, scalp cell membranes and follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. In addition, it adds elasticity to the hair and prevents breakage. You body cannot produce this essential fatty acid and therefore you must supply your body either in the form of supplements or by including flaxseeds, tuna, kale, walnuts, salmon, Brussels sprouts and rapeseed oil in your diet.


Zinc supports growth as well as repair of tissues and thereby promotes the health of your scalp and hair. This nutrient also plays a part in regulating the hormones in your body and supports the health of oil-producing glands on your scalp which in turn aid hair growth. Studies show that high levels of testosterone actually cause hair loss. The recommended daily allowance for this nutrient is 11 mg. The foods that provide this nutrient include chickpeas, wheat germ, beef, veal liver, oysters and roast beef.


Your hair consists of about 91 percent protein. Therefore, you need to eat enough of protein for the health of your muscles as well as hair. However, you must make sure that you are eating a diet that contains high-quality, natural protein. Rich sources of protein include Greek yogurt, kale, peanuts, beans, eggs yolks, peas, lentils, tofu, turkey and chicken.


Iron is important for healthy blood circulation. If you have iron deficiency, your blood will not carry sufficient oxygen to the cells in your scalp. The foods that you need to in your diet to get this nutrient include dark leafy greens, beans, red meat, whole grains, turkey, clams, mussels, egg yolks and oysters.

Vitamins C and A

These essential nutrients support sebum production. Sebum, an oily substance, naturally conditions your hair and prevents breaking. Additionally, vitamin C improves iron absorption. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin A for men is 5,000 IU per day. The foods rich in these vitamins are citrus fruits, Swiss chard, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach and pumpkin.


Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions, including hair growth, in your body, according to National Institute of Health. However, studies conducted by South Carolina Medical University show that 68 percent of the adults in the US do not ingest enough of this essential nutrient. This leads to not only inflammation in the body, but also hair loss. Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium are almonds, spinach, lentils, brown rice, cashews and halibut.


Selenium, a trace element, helps your body make selenoproteins. They regulate functions such as reproduction, DNA synthesis, metabolism and immunity. Selenium is also helpful in stimulating hair follicles for new growth. The foods that you can eat to provide your body with selenium include Brazil nuts, halibut, shrimp sardines, tuna and ham.

 Foods that prevent hair loss   7 essential nutrientsAlso, if hair loss is already a problem in your life then you may want to explore one of the many products available on the market to help with this issue.

One such product is called Profollica.

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies for Men

herbal remedies for hair loss 300x199 Natural Hair Loss Remedies for MenWorrying about hair loss is no fun. Whether you’re concerned about losing your hair because you’ve noticed the first warning signs or because you know you have a genetic predisposition for it, you can take action right away in order to slow the process down and minimize its effects. You don’t need to rely on expensive, complex medication to combat hair loss, either. This article has a few terrific tips for taking care of your hair the all-natural way.

What you eat has a huge impact on the way your body functions, and this definitely includes your scalp and hair. If you want to promote the growth of healthy, attractive hair and minimize the risk of hair loss, you need to be eating a good, balanced diet. Cut way back on your junk food intake and make plenty of space for nourishing whole foods in your meals and snacks.
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What is male pattern baldness?

male pattern baldness What is male pattern baldness?Male pattern baldness is a common cause of hair loss in men, accounting for over 95% of hair loss. The condition can start affecting men in their late teens with 25% of men experiencing it before the age of 21. By the age of 35, about 66% of men suffer from the condition and by the age of 60, most men will experience some level of hair loss. Environmental factors and genetic plays a role in this condition.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Generally, baldness starts occurring when the hair follicles start shrinking over time. As they continue shrinking, the new grown hair becomes thinner than the prior one. In due course, the hair stops growing and all that remains are the hair follicles and thin remnants of hair, which do not grow above the skin surface. Baldness is related to genetics and male hormones. Testosterone is converted by the hair follicles into another hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is believed that hair follicles start shrinking after they become sensitive to the DHT hormone.

Who is affected by male pattern baldness?

Most of the men will experience some form of baldness at some point in their lifetime. However, the age at which the hair starts thinning varies. Nearly 30% of the 30-year olds and 50% of the 50 year-olds are bald. Genetics play a big role in getting affected, especially if close relatives from the maternal side of the family were affected. The likelihood of baldness also increases with age.

Addressing male pattern baldness

Contrary to the belief of the society, nearly all men suffering from this condition are discontented with their state and are willing to try anything to change it. The good news is that there are remedies available that can be used to restore hair.

Prevention of baldness

While there is no known way that can prevent you from getting bald, seeking medical help as soon as hair starts thinning can help avert more hair loss. There is available medication such as Finasteride and Minoxidil, which can be used to slow the hair loss and in some cases stimulate growth of new hair along with certain dietary changes you can make.

Disguising the baldness

Baldness is a normal aging process and therefore medical treatment is not necessary if health conditions have been ruled out. Hair cut styles, hairpieces and weaves are inexpensive techniques that can be used to cover or disguise the thinning hair and the receding hairline.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

There is no cure for male pattern baldness but many remedies that can be used to control or treat loss of hair are available. Convention medicine such as Finasteride and Minoxidil can be used to slow down or reverse the early hair loss stages. Other treatments available in the early stages include hair loss products such as Profollica. 

 What is male pattern baldness?While male pattern baldness is not a medical disorder, it affects the self-esteem of many men and can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. Having knowledge of what is male pattern baldness and ways it can be addressed will help most people suffering seek help.



Profollica vs Rogaine – why Rograine reviews recommend Profollica

 Profollica vs Rogaine   why Rograine reviews recommend ProfollicaRogaine reviews often tout Profollica as the best hair treatment in the market. Is this really the case, or is Profollica simply overrated?

Here is our comparison of two leading male hair loss products.

1. Invention and development

Rogaine was originally developed for treating high blood pressure. Knowledge that Rogaine can help in hair growth came merely by accident. All the same, the product is FDA certified meaning that it is relatively safe for use.

On the other hand, Profollica was developed purely for dealing with hair loss. Scientists carried out various studies to understand the true cause of hair loss. One memorable study was done at the University of Pennsylvania which identified DHT (a mixture of testosterone, enzymes and genetics) as the main culprit behind hair loss.

 Bottom Line: It is safe to say that Profollica was developed on a needs basis as compared to Rogaine which was discovered by accident.

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2. Mechanism of treatment

 Profollica is a natural medication. It utilizes a two-step re-growth system. In step one, the user takes a daily supplement to fortify the body with essential nutrients intended to control DHT production. In step two, the user applies an activator gel which contains Trichogen. Trichogen is clinically proven to enhance hair growth in up to 90% of users.

Mechanism of how Rogaine works remains unclear. In fact it was approved by FDA as treatment for hair loss because it was not effective as a HPB medication. Rogaine is believed to work by revitalizing shrunken hair follicles to increase the growing phase for the hair. Various Rogaine reviews claim that it increases blood flow to the balding sections of the head, stimulating hair growth.

 Bottom Line: The mechanism of working is clear for Profollica but which is not really the case with Rogaine, despite it being in the market for the past 20 years.


A 16-week study showed that 85% of bald people who used Rogaine experienced hair growth. Another 48-week study on women showed 60% hair growth just 32 weeks into the program. Further research however shows that Rogaine is less effective against broad hair loss on top area of the head. It is also worth noting that all studies done for Rogaine to-date have been done for under 40 users. Therefore this treatment may not be suitable for advanced hair loss.

Profollica is a natural alternative to traditional hair loss treatments with better results and available without prescription. In one study, Trichogen, which is found in Profollica’s activator gel, was discovered to induce hair growth in 90% of participants. This makes for a high efficacy rate and being natural, the treatment is far much safer than Rogaine.

 Bottom Line: Although both products are highly effective, Profollica has a higher success rate in users of all ages. Remember that Rogaine may not be suitable for restoring hair loss in people above 40.

4. Side effects

According to Rogaine reviews, the product has quite a few side-effects. Male users may experience impotence which lives on even after stopping the consumption. Other effects that may take a significant toll on the user’s well-being include: dizziness, swelling of face, facial hair growth, acne at site of application, blurred vision and chest pain. Recent studies also show that continued use of Rogaine may cause significant cardiac changes.

Profollica on the other hand is a natural solution and has zero side effects. Small qualms with this treatment would however be that it requires dedication and daily routines to apply the gel and shampoo.

Bottom Line: Profollica is much safer than Rogaine.

 5. Span in the market

Rogaine has been in the market for 17 years. It was approved by the FDA in 1996. Many people have used it and it has proved quite reliable despite its relatively large list of side effects.

Profollica has stayed under the radar in health circles for many years. That however does not diminish the good things that it has to offer. Its popularity has grown exponential in the past 5 years.

Profollica vs Rograine

 Profollica vs Rogaine   why Rograine reviews recommend ProfollicaAre you comfortable applying a substance that was discovered by chance or would you rather use a natural regimen with 0% side effects? The choice is yours but we encourage you to go natural and buy Profollica just as most Rogaine Reviews recommend.