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VigRX Plus vs Vimax Review: Which lives up to the hype better?

vigrx plus vs vimax VigRX Plus vs Vimax Review: Which lives up to the hype better?Statistics show that many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and other related conditions. According to the Journal of Urology, one out of five men has self-reported to have ED. This condition increases with age, and men with a history of smoking, hypertension, and diabetes are more likely to have it.
Naturally, when a male has issues with his sexual functions, he turns to enhancement pills to increase his sex drive. The problem is, there are countless of these products that it can be confusing which one to choose.

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VigFX Free Trial

vigfx 300x250 3 VigFX Free TrialThat little blue pill may provide a temporary hard-on for men at twenty bucks a pop, but there’s not much to it beyond that – no long-term increase in sex drive or performance. It’s simply a way to rent an erection for 20 minutes, after which it goes away.

On a similar note, many guys under 40 routinely ask us about male libido pills and if there’s a way to make sex even more enjoyable naturally. They’re not always looking for help with ED; they’ve just heard about these magic things called male sex pills and that they can make sex nothing shy of ecstasy.

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Virility EX Review

222222 27 1174346926 250.250.1 Virility EX Review Virility EX is a natural supplement, currently being used by many men to improve their sex life. Quite a good number of men suffer from sexual problems where they feel they are not performing as well as they would want.

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While this problem is common, most men suffering from it find it so embarrassing that they cannot even discuss it with their partners or seek medical help. If you are one of these men, there is good news for you. There are herbal male enhancement supplements available, which you can use to restore the excitement of your sexual life.

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How To Last Longer In Bed: 7 Tips

how to last longer in bed 300x199 How To Last Longer In Bed: 7 TipsYou probably have tried elevating your sexual activity by postponing ejaculation. You’ve been frustrated several times despite your resilience. Every time you try slowing down your ejaculation, the faster you finish. Do not worry as you are not alone. Many men have wondered “how to last longer in bed?”

According to Thomas J. Walsh, M.D., a urologist at the University of Washington, every man has experienced premature ejaculation at one particular point in his life. Dr. Welsh proposes two primary methods of dealing with premature ejaculation: physiological and physical treatment. Physical solutions focus on dealing with the sensation felt during sex while psychological remedies target mental factors affecting sex such as stress or worries. Here are some of the best techniques for addressing premature ejaculation. It is recommended to try the remedies beforehand and then try them during sex. Read the rest of this entry…

Tips to cure premature ejaculation in men

best position to last longer spooning1 630x315 Tips to cure premature ejaculation in menPremature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates before his partner has been satisfied or he has been unsuccessful in satisfying his woman sexually.

This lead to frustrations and it can also result in the end of a relationship because he is unable to satisfy his partner sexually.

Premature ejaculation has ruined many personal relationships because sex plays a crucial role in man-woman relationship. If you are suffering from this problem then you need to deal with this condition so you can lead a satisfying and happier life, free from the burden of male performance anxiety.

Vigrx Discount Tips to cure premature ejaculation in men

There are many tips to cure premature ejaculation which are known to be very effective to perform better and satisfy your partner. These tips will help you to make long lasting effects as you will also get a permanent solution for this problem.

The tips to cure premature ejaculation:

Do the start and stop technique:

This technique involves the stopping of all stimulation before coming to the point of no return, before starting again once the arousal levels have decreased . Before using this technique you should discuss your problem with your partner so that she understands the reason for using this technique.

Breathing exercise:

It is a proven fact that there are certain breathing exercises that you can try during intercourse to help you to overcome premature ejaculation.

Once such exercise is triangular breathing…..

How to do triangular breathing while having sex:

1. Inhale for 3 seconds.
2. Pause and hold for 3 seconds.
3. Exhale for 3 seconds.
4. Instantly start over.

 Masturbating before sex:

If you masturbate before having sexual intercourse, it will help you to last longer during sex. It will also help you to learn more about your body and the different things that trigger arousal in your body. This enables you to know how to relive arousals so that you do not ejaculate prematurely.

Try different sexual positions:

With the help of trying a variety of sexual positions, you will know the positions that help you to last longer in bed. Missionary is one of the WORST positions you can do in bed. It creates fatigue fast, doesn’t feel as good for your partner and it can lead to you ejaculating too fast, whereas having the woman on top helps you to prolong your erection as gravity plays an important role in slowing down the rate at which you ejaculate.

 Use of penis rings and testicular restraints:

These accessories can help you to prolong your sexual act as these are available in stores and are also safe for use.

 Taking the help of herbal cures:

This is perceived as an ancient method of preventing premature ejaculation. There is a wide range of herbal formulations that can prevent early ejaculation. Two highly recommended product to improve your sexual performance is VigRX Plus and Prosolution Plus.


It is an excellent way of controlling your ejaculation along with lessening your fears and anxiety that is related to this condition.

 Tips to cure premature ejaculation in menAll these tips can be be used to help cure premature ejaculation and give you  a fulfilling sexual life. However if you really want to take your sexual experience to another level then we suggest you check out VigRX plus. Used by 1000’s of men around the world this product can help you become a star in the bedroom.


How to improve sexual stamina – 5 Tips

How to improve sexual stamina 300x200 How to improve sexual stamina   5 TipsSexual performance is of utmost importance to the majority of men who want to last longer in bed. Worrying about sexual stamina has crossed the mind of most teenagers and grown men alike. Most guys want to perform as optimally as they can in order to satisfy their partner. Men (and women) typically want to enjoy a long intimate encounter without feeling embarrassed or rushed due to performance issues such as impotence or ejaculating too early. Read the rest of this entry…

How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises

How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises  300x187 How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises Are you aware that your erection, control and endurance are controlled by pubococcygeu PC muscle?

It is similar to any other muscle in the body and you can strengthen it with basic exercise routines – including squeezing and holding.

A strong pubococcygeu PC muscle will allow you to last much longer, prevent premature ejaculation and offer more powerful orgasms. You will also be able to shoot your semen at a greater distance with the a strong PC muscle. Read the rest of this entry…

What Causes Male Performance Anxiety?

emotions and erections 03 pg full What Causes Male Performance Anxiety?Male performance anxiety is a serious problem and much more common than people realize. More so because there are many men who would rather suffer in silence than ever confess such a personal crisis.

What Causes Male Performance Anxiety?


Fear is an extremely powerful emotion and it can easily destroy a person’s life if it is not dealt with. There are many different fears from varied situations that can result in performance anxiety in men. Read the rest of this entry…