How to improve sexual stamina 300x200 How to improve sexual stamina   5 TipsSexual performance is of utmost importance to the majority of men who want to last longer in bed. Worrying about sexual stamina has crossed the mind of most teenagers and grown men alike. Most guys want to perform as optimally as they can in order to satisfy their partner. Men (and women) typically want to enjoy a long intimate encounter without feeling embarrassed or rushed due to performance issues such as impotence or ejaculating too early.

Millions of men from all over the globe are affected by premature ejaculation. For many, it can be a complicated issue to rectify. Commonly seen as too embarrassing to discuss, sadly many men refuse to talk to their partners or see their doctor about the issue. The positive news however, is that there are a variety of ways improve your sexual stamina and last longer in the bedroom.

How to improve sexual stamina in 5 steps


Self-stimulation is a natural and safe way to increase your sexuality. Taking power over your sexual response can help facilitate more control for those who suffer from premature ejaculation issues. Besides, the more you climax, the more testosterone is produced; enhancing the cycle.

Masturbating can help men improve their stamina by helping to shift their sexual response. This is achieved by utilizing the start and stop method. Basically, determine your sexual response on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 refers to being in a state of non-arousal and 10 is considered orgasmic. Stimulate yourself until you reach level 8. At this point, stop stimulation and allow yourself to completely calm down. Next, bring yourself up to a level 4. Keep going until you slowly build to an 8 again. Keep taking your sexual response up and down until you are capable of controlling it completely. This practice will help keep you relaxed and more comfortable during intercourse. When you feel the initial orgasm approaching too fast you will be able to slow things back down.

Fantastic Foreplay

So still wondering how to improve sexual stamina? Don’t ignore the importance of foreplay. One of the key issues why men often desire to last longer in bed is because they know their partner’s often take longer to reach their climax. They want their partners to have fun and orgasm as well. Many women however, are unable to climax through intercourse alone. They often require oral sex, manual stimulation and other forms of foreplay to bring them to ecstasy.

Instead of getting focused and worried about lasting long enough, try implementing more of what gets you and your partner both excited. Keep the foreplay going throughout intercourse by utilizing more touching and oral sex. When you feel like you are about to orgasm, slow things down and focus on your partner by stimulating her manually or delivering more oral pleasure. This will enable her to reach orgasm and help you last longer by delaying your own climax.

Sexual Performance Toys

Enjoying sexual performance tools offers a variety of ways to help you build-up your stamina. They can help you with your start and stop method by increasing your excitement and then allowing you to back down. You can also help your partner achieve multiple orgasms by being creative with these toys.


Recent studies show that men who combined lubrication with condoms ended up lasting longer in bed then men who did not, and this method is another way of how to improve sexual stamina. Always remember to stick with a reputable silicone-based or water-based lubrication when using condoms as oil based lubes can decrease the effectiveness of a condom by breaking it down.

Understanding Your Partner’s Expectations

Many men have been scarred by pornos and believe that their partners wish they could last as long as possible. However, marathon sex sessions are not always the key to a great time in bed. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the optimal time for intercourse was between 3 to 13 minutes. On average, most couples are having sex for approximately 7.3 minutes. Note that these timeframes do not include foreplay. These findings prove that lasting for a half hour or more is not the answer to awesome sex.