How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises  300x187 How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises Are you aware that your erection, control and endurance are controlled by pubococcygeu PC muscle?

It is similar to any other muscle in the body and you can strengthen it with basic exercise routines – including squeezing and holding.

A strong pubococcygeu PC muscle will allow you to last much longer, prevent premature ejaculation and offer more powerful orgasms. You will also be able to shoot your semen at a greater distance with the a strong PC muscle.

How to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises

When you are about to reach orgasm, just tighten the muscle as much as you can, and keep it tight until you lose the sensation. This way, you can keep going longer with a full erection – stopping the semen from leaving your penis for an extended period of time.

Now you know how to use your pc muscle to last longer in bed is time to learn how to strengthen it.

3 ways to train your PC muscle so that you can learn how to last longer in bed with Kegel exercises:

1) Flutter Technique 

This routine has been designed to provide better control over the pubococcygeu PC muscle. This routine involves clenching and unclenching of the penis rapidly. Most of the people who do this routine use it as a warm up exercise for further advanced routines. I perform this routine by squeezing and then releasing the hold on the PC muscle.

Beginners will find that they are not able to do repetitions for long at the start. It does take time to build its strength. When I started, I used to do 10 repetitions in one set. I used to take a break of about 10 seconds between sets. I slowly started gaining endurance and was encouraged by the results, gradually increasing repetitions per set. Now, I’m able to do up to 30 repetitions in one go.

Many beginners make the mistake of overworking their muscle, which then leads to complications. It is very important to take rest between sets. I am comfortable with five sets in one sitting, up to 3 times a day. I also prefer to rest between sets, which varies from 5 to 15 seconds.

2) Squeeze and Hold 

Keep in mind that this routine is a bit more difficult than the above one. This builds up the strength of the PC muscle and tests the willpower. I usually perform this exercise by squeezing the PC muscle tightly in my hands and holding it for a fixed period of time before releasing the squeeze. I was able to hold the squeeze the hold for longer periods as time passed by.

This routine takes its toll on muscle and the muscle gets tired easily. Therefore, it is recommended to only do this exercise up to 4 times a week. I personally do just 3 repetitions in a set and rest adequately between two squeezes.

3) Combination

As the name suggests, this method combines the routine 1 and 2. Here is a step by step outline of the combo method.

It involves performing the first routine up to five times. When doing the last repetition, hold it tight for about five seconds before letting the muscle go.

The best way to perform this routine is to find one’s own comfort level. I, personally, do 4 to 6 flutters which are then followed by about 5 second squeezes. I also take a few seconds break before going at it again. I am now able to perform 10 sets without requiring a break. This method allows us to control ejaculation and contractions.

4) Random Flexing

This routine depends on how successful you have been following the above routines. As the name suggests, this routine involves flutters, squeezing and holding for a period of time on random basis. I am now able to perform this routine on a random basis, and it means that I have now gained control over the PC muscle and can now contract it at any time.

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