Profollica vs Rogaine   why Rograine reviews recommend ProfollicaRogaine reviews often tout Profollica as the best hair treatment in the market. Is this really the case, or is Profollica simply overrated?

Here is our comparison of two leading male hair loss products.

1. Invention and development

Rogaine was originally developed for treating high blood pressure. Knowledge that Rogaine can help in hair growth came merely by accident. All the same, the product is FDA certified meaning that it is relatively safe for use.

On the other hand, Profollica was developed purely for dealing with hair loss. Scientists carried out various studies to understand the true cause of hair loss. One memorable study was done at the University of Pennsylvania which identified DHT (a mixture of testosterone, enzymes and genetics) as the main culprit behind hair loss.

 Bottom Line: It is safe to say that Profollica was developed on a needs basis as compared to Rogaine which was discovered by accident.

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2. Mechanism of treatment

 Profollica is a natural medication. It utilizes a two-step re-growth system. In step one, the user takes a daily supplement to fortify the body with essential nutrients intended to control DHT production. In step two, the user applies an activator gel which contains Trichogen. Trichogen is clinically proven to enhance hair growth in up to 90% of users.

Mechanism of how Rogaine works remains unclear. In fact it was approved by FDA as treatment for hair loss because it was not effective as a HPB medication. Rogaine is believed to work by revitalizing shrunken hair follicles to increase the growing phase for the hair. Various Rogaine reviews claim that it increases blood flow to the balding sections of the head, stimulating hair growth.

 Bottom Line: The mechanism of working is clear for Profollica but which is not really the case with Rogaine, despite it being in the market for the past 20 years.


A 16-week study showed that 85% of bald people who used Rogaine experienced hair growth. Another 48-week study on women showed 60% hair growth just 32 weeks into the program. Further research however shows that Rogaine is less effective against broad hair loss on top area of the head. It is also worth noting that all studies done for Rogaine to-date have been done for under 40 users. Therefore this treatment may not be suitable for advanced hair loss.

Profollica is a natural alternative to traditional hair loss treatments with better results and available without prescription. In one study, Trichogen, which is found in Profollica’s activator gel, was discovered to induce hair growth in 90% of participants. This makes for a high efficacy rate and being natural, the treatment is far much safer than Rogaine.

 Bottom Line: Although both products are highly effective, Profollica has a higher success rate in users of all ages. Remember that Rogaine may not be suitable for restoring hair loss in people above 40.

4. Side effects

According to Rogaine reviews, the product has quite a few side-effects. Male users may experience impotence which lives on even after stopping the consumption. Other effects that may take a significant toll on the user’s well-being include: dizziness, swelling of face, facial hair growth, acne at site of application, blurred vision and chest pain. Recent studies also show that continued use of Rogaine may cause significant cardiac changes.

Profollica on the other hand is a natural solution and has zero side effects. Small qualms with this treatment would however be that it requires dedication and daily routines to apply the gel and shampoo.

Bottom Line: Profollica is much safer than Rogaine.

 5. Span in the market

Rogaine has been in the market for 17 years. It was approved by the FDA in 1996. Many people have used it and it has proved quite reliable despite its relatively large list of side effects.

Profollica has stayed under the radar in health circles for many years. That however does not diminish the good things that it has to offer. Its popularity has grown exponential in the past 5 years.

Profollica vs Rograine

 Profollica vs Rogaine   why Rograine reviews recommend ProfollicaAre you comfortable applying a substance that was discovered by chance or would you rather use a natural regimen with 0% side effects? The choice is yours but we encourage you to go natural and buy Profollica just as most Rogaine Reviews recommend.