prosolution plus 300x250 ProSolution Plus Review   cure for premature ejaculation?

Prosolution Plus helps men wanting to cure premature ejaculation……… by increasing blood flow to the penis and dopamine in the brain….resulting in ticker, fuller erections, and more pleasurable orgasms………allowing you to pleasure your partner and also increase your sexual health, and stamina……..even if you currently under perform, have low sex drive and struggle to keep it hard!

Prosolution Plus is one of leading male enhancement pills found online today with clinical research and numerous testimonials backing up this claim.


Perhaps ProSolutions biggest advantage is that it uses natural herbs which work to improve erectile dysfunction, weak erections and lack of sex drive.

Blending together natural ingredients like Safflower, Shatavari, Drilizen and Zinc, these properties combine to increase the rate and amount of blood flowing to the penis – heightening your sexual experience.

Manufactured by:
WorldNiche Herbals

149 Old Gray Station rd.
Gray, TN  37615

How does ProSolution Plus work?

Prosolution is made by assembling blood flow booster, natural testosterone accelerators and aphrodisiacs. All these ingredients working on their own can lead to stronger ejaculation control, elevated sexual libido and stamina improvement.

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But the most important ingredients used are solidilin and drilizen. Drilizen is credited with increasing the production of nitric acid and testosterone in the male body as well as increasing the amount of blood flowing to the penis, which according to scientific research it the determining factor of  the size of the penis. Solidilin on the other hand works specifically on the brain to stimulate neurotransmitters meaning you will experience increased pleasure during intercourse.

For best sexual experience it is recommended that you take two pills a day for 90 days.

Research results for ProSolution

In the study published in American Journal of Therapeutics ProSolution was test to see if a natural formula could help men with premature ejaculation. The study involved 148 men aged between 21 and 60 years and were tested over a period of two months. 96 of them took Prosolution pills while the remaining men took the placebo.  All these men cited having low interest in sex and experienced erectile dysfunction.

The study found for the men taking ProSolution had;Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 10.31.44 PM ProSolution Plus Review   cure for premature ejaculation?

• 64% improvement in erectile dysfunction

• 78% improvement in satisfaction of sex

• 67% improvement in quality of erection

• 48% improvement in general sexual function

What the results mean

Simply put, Prosolution pills REALLY WORK in helping men to address serious health concerns whether they are premature ejaculation, erection issues or if they want to regain their lost sexual mojo.

ProSolution Testimonials

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ProSolution Pills Benefits:

• Major increase in the length of penis

• Increase in girth of penis

• Firmer, longer-staying and more frequent erections

• Quicker recovery time which ensure that users can be ready to do it again in just minutes

• Ejaculations are not only more explosive but quite impressive as well

• Increased sexual stamina and libido

• Significant rise in sexual confidence

• Users have increased power that enables them to have several sessions of sex

What if ProSolution does not work?

Due to some reasons, the product may not work for other people. This does not necessarily point to prosolution’s inefficiency but could be due to other underlying medical issues. But do not worry, should the product not work for you, you will still be able to get a full refund of your money with there  67-day money-back guarantee. All you will need to do is to return the product for the refund.

Where to buy Prosolution Plus

Although there are several online pharmacies that sell ProSolution, the best place to purchase is from the company website. This is the only place you are guaranteed to get your refund in full along with being able to tailor your order to suit your specific needs – from a monthly supply right through to the ultimate enhancement package that saves you $434 a year along with getting additional bonuses as displayed below.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 10.32.38 PM ProSolution Plus Review   cure for premature ejaculation?

* ProSolution delivers internationally and there is free shipping to all customers located inside the US.


Final verdictprosolution plus 300x250 ProSolution Plus Review   cure for premature ejaculation?

Given the high success rate of this product, it is recommended that if you suffer from premature ejaculation that you give Prosolution a try. Being a natural formula, recommended by doctors, used by 1000’s of satisfied men around the world along with a 67 day money back guarantee there really is no excuse not to give buy Prosolution Plus.