emotions and erections 03 pg full What Causes Male Performance Anxiety?Male performance anxiety is a serious problem and much more common than people realize. More so because there are many men who would rather suffer in silence than ever confess such a personal crisis.

What Causes Male Performance Anxiety?


Fear is an extremely powerful emotion and it can easily destroy a person’s life if it is not dealt with. There are many different fears from varied situations that can result in performance anxiety in men.

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For instance, the fear of disappointing a really hot sexual partner whom you have been chasing for a long time is one very common cause of male performance anxiety. The fear sets in as you look forward to the encounter but start having doubts about your ability to meet your partner’s expectations. Your thoughts quickly shift to the possible consequences. Men with low self esteem are particularly vulnerable to this kind of fear. There are products available that can help ensure this doesn’t happen.

Other men may fear making a woman pregnant. Chances are that this fear could have resulted from a previous nasty experience and no matter how hard they try to put away the thought it stays with them and results in the kind of anxiety that makes sex difficult.

In other instances the fear can result from a parent catching you masturbating or in a sex act when you were young and this can easily follow you into adulthood. As a result, fear sets in whenever a sexual encounter is anticipated.

Pressure to perform

Sometimes a man can get a sexual partner who is overly demanding and almost insatiable in bed and at the beginning of their relationship this can be fun. However as the relationship progresses it can move from being a pleasure to a chore. It takes a lot of energy from the man and demands a lot from him. In such situations it is easy for the man to slide into performance anxiety. VigRX Plus can help you have healthy levels of sexual energy so you can fulfill any woman’s desire.


It is a well known fact that depression affects a woman’s sex life considerably. But it also affects men. Sex is really in the mind and when the mind is preoccupied with sad  and anxiety ladened thoughts, chances are it will impact the sexual performance of a man.


Sometimes men take medications without taking the time to find out what impact it will have on their libido. One unexpected poor performance or lack of it is all it takes. More so if the man does not realize that what has happened had something to do with the medication they took. Psychological factors kick in and what could result is a serious problem that lasts after the effects of the medication have worn off.

Bad eating habits

Bad eating habits work in a similar way to medication. The food we eat affects us and there are some foods that can be devastating to a mans’ sex drive which will instantly result in serious anxiety issues.

Saturated fats from meats, alcohol and chocolate are the exact things you’ll want to avoid for good sex. Each is filled with chemicals and stimulants that have the opposite effect on libido and performance.


Dealing with male performance anxiety has to start with a better understanding of some of the causes. This will make it much easier for you to identify possible reasons in your particular case which makes it much easier for you to deal with it and ultimately help you last longer in bed.

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