What is Creatine?People new to creatine supplements are curious to know what creatine is. Creatine is an organic acid that naturally exists within the bodys vertebrates. Creatine is helpful for supplying energy to all cells found in the body, especially the muscles. This compound is naturally formed inside the kidney and liver, and around 95% of the body’s total creatine content is present inside skeletal muscles. This compound was discovered in 1832, and since then several studies have been conducted to see its impact on the human body.

 Why do Athletes Use Creatine?

Bodybuilders and athletes are usually users of creatine, as it promotes stronger muscles. Sprint runners, and other athletes who need lots of energy during their sport use supplements of this compound. Creatne focuses on three aspects for promoting athletic ability which are:

  • energy levels,
  • muscular strength
  • endurance. 

 A number of studies have shown that athletes taking this micronutrient have been able to enhance their physical performance above subjects who were on a control. 

 Impact of Creatine on Athletes

Scientific evidence supports that short term use of creatine can help increase max power and performance in extreme anaerobic exercises by five to fifteen percent. These exercises usually involve intervals of running, and several sets of weightlifting. Using creatine may increase body weight by one kilogram within a week, as the compound increases water retention in muscle cells. The number of myonuclei in the body is increased due to use of creatine. Myonuclei provides healing properties to damaged muscle fibers leading to growth of muscle fibers. Another great benefit of using creatine supplements is that it increases testosterone levels. A scientific study showed that a 22% increase in testosterone after a ten week long resistance training program, during which time the test subjects were using creatine. 

So, in short, what is creatine? 

It is the best micronutrient to improve physical strength and performance. 

 Adding Creatine into the Diet

Creatine naturally occurs in a number of foods, and lean red meat is one of the best sources. One pound of lean meat can contain up to two grams of creatine. Tuna and salmon are also rich sources of this compound, and these two fish also contain other beneficial things such as methionine and Omega-3 fatty acids. In order to see a massive impact on your physical strength, it is unlkely to increase your creatine levels by eating large quanities of this types of food. However, a number of creatine supplements have been created to fulfill the needs of athletes, and muscle advanced creatine is one of the best avaliable creatine supplement avaliable to improve muscle size, mass and strength.

Using Creatine Carefully 

Creatine compounds should be used with care. This supplements come with dosage instructions and it should usually be taken on days when you train. Creatine can be used in large quantity with longer intervals, or in smaller quantities, but with short intervals between doses. If you are not training on a particular day, then you should use it half an hour before breakfast. Using such supplements may cause digestive problems, but they are usually not severe. It is wise to consult a physician before taking creatine supplements, and your physician can suggest the best dosage, depending upon your physical condition and requirements.

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